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Grand Central Atelier


With Gratitude to our Community of Supporters

Generous contributions from the following foundations and individuals support our work in the studios every day, seven days a week.

Founding Supporters

Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund
John and Jasanna Britton
The Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation
Bethany and Robert B. Millard

Scholarship Supporters

Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund
The Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation
Jay Newman
David Boger
The Anders Larson-Toich Foundation
The Newington-Cropsey Cultural Studies Center

Lecture Series Supporters

Melinda and Paul Sullivan
Sim and Lisa Johnston

General Program Supporters

Alexandro Berrios
Ann Lindsay
Anonymous 1
Anonymous 2
Arthur Collins
Bo Kass
Christian Nunez
Colleen Barry and Will St. John
Cynthia & Randolph St. John
David Boger
David Friedman
Debra Harrison
Denise Salvatore
Earl Weiner
Edward Minoff and Noa Meyer
Eileen Danville
Elizabeth Whipple
Ellis Family Charitable Gift Fund
Fran Schnall
Frederica Ordway
Gary Smith
George Loening
Grace Webber & Mark Popple
Gregory Clark
Ilya Mikhasik
Jacob Collins
Jay Newman
John McCabe
Jon Terry
Julie Dienes
Julie Messerschmidt
Liz Bowyer

Lucy Kalian
Lynn Reardon
Margaret Fong
Marjorie VandeStouwe
Mark Greenberg
Matthew Murdock
Michael Connors
Michelle Ross
Nina W. Werblow Charitable Trust
Osprey Fund
Patricia Scott
Phyllis Lemkowitz
Rachel Newman
Raina Dai
Rebecca Gray
Rebecca Tolley
Reynolds/Rencourt Foundation
Robert Lenz
Robert Sidorsky
Robert Silverman
Robert Simon
Robrecht Liekens
Sarah Lamb
Sebastien Jupille
Seth Weine
Sim and Lisa Johnston
Steven Lawry
Sue Denise
Susan Horton
Thomas Marano
Thomas Shelford
Tom & Jane Jacobs
Tony Winters