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Workshops - Full-time

In GCA's core program, artists study and practice drawing, painting, and sculpture from life. To ensure a deep understanding of classical form, design, practice, and discipline, artists work in a structured, organized studio with the hands on guidance of the studio's principle artists..

To be considered eligible for a core position, artists must show, through an online application and interviews: a serious work ethic, a sincere desire to learn, and a commitment to make fine art their career.

Studio sessions take place Monday through Friday, from 8:30am - 12:30pm and 1:00pm - 5:00pm. Mornings in the first and second years are structured around rigorous pencil drawings and grisaille paintings of antique casts. The afternoon focus is on master copies in pencil and cast copies in clay, before advancing to the live model. The third and fourth years are structured around either figure painting in oil, or figure sculpture in clay. A weekly evening session addresses perspective, anatomy, color theory, composition, and art history.

Fees are $8,500 per year. Merit-based studio prizes towards the next year's fees are awarded annually.


  • Methodology

    First Year

    Morning - cast drawing, cast sculpture
    Afternoon - master copies, block-ins, figure drawing; perspective

    Second Year

    Morning - cast painting
    Afternoon - figure drawing, figure grisaille or figure sculpture; anatomy

    Third Year

    Morning - figure drawing, figure grisaille or figure sculpture
    Afternoon - figure painting in color or figure sculpture; color theory

    Fourth Year

    Morning - figure painting in color or figure sculpture
    Afternoon - figure painting in color or figure sculpture; still life

  • Apply


    We strongly encourage artists to visit the GCA studios before applying for the full-time residency.

    February Entry
    Applications are due by October 1st. Notification by December 1st.

    September Entry
    Applications are due by March 1st. Notification by April 1st.

    Note: Applications submitted throughout the year will be considered as space allows.


    Do you have questions about our Full Time Studio? Check out our FAQ!

    Still have questions? click here to write us.

    Please submit, to the extent possible, work samples done from life as opposed to from photographs. Work from photographs can be submitted but it is the studio's preference to see work done from life.

    If your application passes review, you will be invited to interview. We prefer that candidates interview in person. Phone interviews may possibly be arranged by special request. We are happy to answer your questions!



    Annual Fees: $8,500. Monthly or bi-annual installment plans offered.

    Payment Methods
    We accept credit card, check and (cash*) payments

    • Credit card: there is a 3% processing fee on top of tuition payment
    • Checks: please make payable to Grand Central Atelier
      Mail to: GCA, 20 West 44th St., 6th Floor, NY, NY 10036
    • Cash: please check with the office if you need to pay in cash
    • Fees
      A $35 per week late fee will be charged for late payments.
      $35 late fee will be charged for checks returned by the bank.

      If an artist wishes to terminate participation, the office must receive written notice. In the event of early withdrawal, artists will forfeit their paid fees.

      Please note: fees are subject to change.