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  • Francis Morrone on NYC's Public Murals

    Francis Morrone on NYC's Rich History of Public Murals
    Friday, February 16 at 5:30pm

    Free and open to the public. Eleventh Street Arts Gallery at GCA.
    Limited Seats. Please RSVP:
    Lecture Description:
    In the Beaux-Arts tradition, and in much of the history of classical architecture, the painter's and sculptor's highest calling has been the enrichment of the public realm, especially through the embellishment of buildings. New York, a great classical city, has fine architectural sculpture in abundance. But what about mural painting? Join us for a survey of New York's mural paintings in public buildings, including works by Blashfield, Winter, Marsh, Parrish, Brumidi, Sears, and others, as we assess the city's standing as a place for murals. How does New York compare with other American cities? And how do American cities compare with European cities? And what might the future hold?
    Lecturer Bio:
    Francis Morrone is an architectural historian and author of eleven books, including "Guide to New York City Urban Landscapes" (W.W. Norton, 2013) and, with Henry Hope Reed, "The New York Public Library: The Architecture and Decoration of the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building" (W.W. Norton, 2011). Morrone is the recipient of the Arthur Ross Award of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, of the Landmarks Lion Award of the Historic Districts Council, and of NYU's Excellence in Teaching Award, and his writings appear in the Wall Street Journal, the New Criterion, City Journal, the Hopkins Review, and many other publications.
  • Monthly Community Open Sketch Nights

    Friday, December 1st 

    Moving to Mondays in 2018!

    January 22, February 26, April 16, May 7

    6 - 9pm Free and open to the public!

    Most open sketch nights a portrait model is booked. No RSVP needed, just ring our doorbell & come into the studio. Bring your own drawing and painting materials. We have easels, tabourets and wooden horses. Use only Odorless mineral spirits, please.