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  • Fall Lecture Series: On Michelangelo

    A ten-lecture series on the artist Michelangelo to complement the Michelangelo exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on view November 13, 2017 - February 12, 2018.
    Free and open to the public. 
Seating is limited, please RSVP:

    9/12     Tues, 4:30pm  Europe on the Threshold of the Renaissance
    9/19     Tues, 4:30pm  From Giotto Through Masaccio: the Defining Moment
    9/26     Tues, 4:30pm  Anticipating Michelangelo: della Francesca, Andrea Mantegna
    10/10   Tues, 4:30pm  Michelangelo's Apprenticeship  
    10/17   Tues, 4:30pm  Michelangelo Arrives
    10/24   Tues, 4:30pm  Changing Course: that Ceiling
    11/2     Thurs, 5:00 pm Michelangelo Faces Failure: From Tomb to Tomb
    11/9     Thurs, 4:30pm Michelangelo and his Rivals
    11/16   Thurs, 4:30pm  Michelangelo's other Career: Architecture
    11/30   Thurs, 4:30pm  Learning From Michelangelo: Disegno 
    Date TBA - A November Visit to the MET to see the Michelangelo exhibit
    Date TBA - A December Visit to the MET to see the Michelangelo exhibit

    Lecturer Bio:
    Michael Djordjevitch studied Architecture at The University of Toronto, receiving his B. Arch in 1981.  He went on to work at the Royal Ontario Museum and concurrently taught at the School of Architecture of the University of Toronto while also taking courses in Art History towards a Masters.  His principal teacher was Prof. Hans Luecke.  In 1988, he was accepted into the History and Theory Program of the School of Architecture of Princeton University, receiving his Masters in 1991.  The following year, he was accepted into the Graduate Program of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, completing the program and becoming a Fellow of the School in 1993.  Throughout the 90’s, he worked as one of the two architects for the Agora Excavations of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens.  In 2001, he began teaching at the University of Notre Dame’s Architecture Center in Rome.  Following the completion of his term in 2003, he was invited to N.D.'s U.S. campus as a visiting critic from 2004 to 2005. From 2011 to 2014 he taught Architectural Design, Theory, History, and the Orders at the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art's full time year long Architecture program, the Beaux-Art Atelier.  In 2014-2015 he taught these same subjects at the Beaux Arts Academy in Utah and Rome.  Since the autumn of 2015 Michael has been teaching Art History and Architecture at the Grand Central Atelier in New York.

  • Monthly Community Open Sketch Nights

    Friday, December 1st 

    Friday, January 26, 2018
    More dates in 2018 are tbd. Please check back.

    6 - 9pm Free and open to the public!

    Most open sketch nights a portrait model is booked. No RSVP needed, just ring our doorbell & come into the studio. Bring your own drawing and painting materials. We have easels, tabourets and wooden horses. Use only Odorless mineral spirits, please.