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Study - Summer Workshops

Workshops offer intense, all-day studios in drawing, painting, and sculpture. Lasting anywhere from three days to four weeks, they cover a wide range of subjects and share Grand Central Atelier’s artistic philosophy. Participants will gain exposure to GCA’s studio training and community.

We’ve arranged several packages for intensive study this summer.
*Take 4 consecutive 5-day workshops save 20% off the total cost: $2080
*Take 3 consecutive 5-day workshops save 15% off the total cost: $1657.50
*Take 2 consecutive 5-day workshops save 10% off the total cost: $1170
*Take 2 consecutive 3-day + a 5-day workshop save 10% off the total cost: $varies
*Take 2 consecutive 3-day workshops or a consecutive 3-day + 5-day save 5% off the total cost: $varies.

We also offer some night and weekend classes in the Summer.
Those will be announced May 1, 2017. *Discounts taken off the full price cost for a workshop. Only one type of discount will be given per workshop. Please note: Exception: There is no discount available for Colleen Barry's June Structure workshop.

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