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Study - Summer Workshops

Workshops offer intense, all-day studios in drawing, painting, and sculpture. Lasting anywhere from three days to four weeks, they cover a wide range of subjects and share Grand Central Atelier’s artistic philosophy. Participants will gain exposure to GCA’s studio training and community.

Read the list of Suggested Workshop Pairings on our blog.

Please note July Landscape workshops will be posted in the new year.

Special Discounts
For every 5-day consecutive workshop you take, save $50 off each workshop.
Workshops that are less than 5-days, save $25 off.
A 10-day workshop has the savings already built in.
There's a max of one discount/$50 off each workshop unless it's the Boot Camp Bonus. If taking a 3, 4 or 5-day workshop with a 3 or 4-day, save $25 off each of these workshops.

Boot Camp Package Bonuses
Drawing Boot Camp: Take all 4 weeks (4 workshops) Save an extra $100 off the total.
Scholarship Application due February 15th.
Painting Boot Camp: Take all 6 weeks (4 workshops) Save an extra $150 off the total.
Scholarship Application due February 15th.
Teen Boot Camp: Take all 3 weeks (3 workshops) Save an extra $75 off the total.
Scholarship Application due February 15th.

  • August: Ecorche Portrait Sculpture w/ Charlie Mostow - Registration Open

    August 20 - 24, 2018
    10:00am-5:00pm • Monday - Friday

    $650 ($325 deposit)

    Deposit due upon registration. Final Balance due by July 2, 2018.

    Limit: 8-10 students. 

    Package Suggestions: Take Patrick Byrnes' Zorn Palette & Gregory Mortenson's Portrait Drawing & Painting in advance of this. Discounts available. View our main workshop page.

    This course is an in depth sculptural study of the anatomy of the Head and Neck.

    In the first portion of this course students will sculpt the bones directly from anatomical casts of the scull and skeleton. Students will then develop the muscles working from a combination of artistic anatomy resources including casts, a host of books, photos, and 3D models. A particular emphasis on the sculptural quality of the muscles and bones will be placed.  Some discussion of facial expression will be provided. Daily hands-on critiques will guide the students as they sculpt.

    On the final day of class we will bring in a model and observe anatomy in its complete morphology. 

    The intention of this class is to provide a meaningful sculptural experience and give the participant the basic framework for studying human anatomy. Students will take away a broadened understanding of the human portrait, learn the language of anatomy, and discover the dimension of human form.

    Sculptures will be done at life size in oil based clay. Oil clay doesn't dry and can be left uncovered. Students can take their sculptures home. Armatures will be included in the cost of the class.


    3 Chavant clayette soft (white) and 3 Chavant nsp soft (red/brown)

    *Any oil based clay will work. If a student is already in possession of oil clay they are encouraged to use it. I prefer to use softer clay which can be manipulated with ease. White for the bones and red for the muscles. 

    Sculpture house wire end modeling tool #204

    Wooden kinfe like modeling tool

    Please fill out the registration form accessible via the link below whether you are paying by cash, check or credit card. Cash or checks must be received within a few days to hold your spot.

    Make checks payable to Grand Central Atelier. 
    Mail to: Grand Central Atelier; 4606 11th Street; Long Island City, NY 11101

    To pay by credit card:

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