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Study - Classes: Weekends

Evening and Weekend Studios are for serious artists of drawing, painting, and sculpture who share the Grand Central Atelier’s ideals, and who aspire to high artistic fluency.

As in the Grand Central Atelier, the studio program is progressive. Evening and weekend participants are encouraged to begin in the cast hall. For those who are passionate and ambitious, this is an exciting introduction to the study of nature through the lens of classical realism. Cast drawing artists will rapidly learn a tremendous number of complex and interrelated ideas. Only after this are they encouraged to explore the figure, portrait, and still life, all of which expand on those early foundations.

Additionally, evening and weekend studios provide portfolio opportunities for artists applying to the Grand Central Atelier, which views careful drawings as a sign of focused dedication.

Take a weekend workshop that overlaps with your weekend class & save 5% off your workshop. Take classes on both Saturdays & Sundays and save 10% off your workshop. Discount refunded after final payment.

The winter session of classes will open for registration for new students on Wednesday, November 1st. Most classes will start the weekend of Jan. 13th/14th. Any exceptions are noted on the specific class pages.

  • Saturdays: Painting Light and Color with Devin Cecil-Wishing - Winter Registration Full

    Saturdays 1-5pm
    Lead by artist Devin Cecil-Wishing

    Fall Session Fee: $375
    9 weeks -Sept. 16, 23, 30
    Oct. 21, 28; Nov. 4, 18; Dec. 2, 9
    No classes on Oct. 7, 14 & Nov. 11, 25

    Winter Session Fee: 250
    6 weeks  - Jan. 6, 13, 27
    Feb. 3, 10, 17
    No class on Jan. 20

    Download the schedule at the bottom of the page.

    Limit: 8-10 students

    Class full. Please email to be added to the wait list. 

    Whenever we are painting, regardless of the subject matter, what we are really painting is light. 

    In this course students will learn how to convincingly paint light and form in full color.  Through a combination of quick color mixing exercises and simple still life paintings students will learn how to take the mystery out of color painting.  Students will learn how to accurately mix color, how to avoid “dead” “muddy” or “chalky” color and most importantly, how to begin thinking of color not as a set of isolated pigments but rather as an interconnected series of relationships.

    This class will include in depth lectures and demonstrations by the instructor on the properties of color and the physics of light, as well as detailed demonstrations and explanations of how to approach each step of the painting process from beginning to end.

    In addition to learning about color and light, this course will serve as an opportunity for students to become familiar with each step of the process of creating finished paintings.  By keeping their subject matter simple, students will be able to take their paintings to a high level of finish and become comfortable with each step of the process, from the initial drawing all the way to adding the final touches at the end.

    Whether you are a beginning student looking for an introduction to color painting or a more advanced painter looking to refine your understanding of light and color, this class will be a great opportunity to take your understanding to the next level.

    Materials list is accessible via a link at the bottom of this page.

  • Saturdays: Painting the Architectural Capriccio with Anthony Baus - Registration Open

    Saturdays  1:00 – 5:00pm
    Lead by artist Anthony Baus

    Fall: 12 weeks
    September 16 - December 9
    No class on November 25th

    Winter: 10 weeks
    January 13 - March 17
    Download full calendar at the bottom of this page.

    Fee: $415 (payable in two monthly installments by credit card only.)

    Limit: 8-10 artists

    This studio will serve as an introduction to the concepts of drawing and painting architecture, specifically in the genre of the architectural capriccio. We will be studying the compositions of Hubert Robert, Giovanni Paolo Panini, Marco Ricci and Viviano Codazzi.

    For the first six weeks our focus will be composition and tonal pictorial arrangement. We will achieve this through master copies of these artists from quality reproductions. Quick one-day copies will teach artists to quickly mix colors and absorb the lessons of picture making.

    The next six weeks will be spent on lengthier studies. Here, we will focus on details and careful drawing. We will complete studies in oil and ink wash of the orders to better understand the individual parts that make up the whole. Here, time will also be spent on perspective theory as understood in the Renaissance as a tool of the constructed environment.

    Our-long term goal for this course is to apply these lessons to painting on-site in the Spring of 2018. Although there is a trajectory for this course students will be encouraged to work at their own pace. Attendance for the whole session or for the entire session is not required.

    Materials list is accessible in a link at the bottom of this page. 

    Please fill out the registration form accessible via the link below whether you are paying by cash, check or credit card. Cash or checks must be received within a few days to hold your spot.

    Make checks payable to Grand Central Atelier. 

    Mail to: Grand Central Atelier; 4606 11th Street; Long Island City, NY 11101

    To pay with credit card:

    Class payment
      Number of payments 2
      Start payments
    At checkout $207.50 USD
    Every 1 month (x 1) $207.50 USD
    Total $415.00 USD
    * We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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  • Sundays: Alla Prima Still Life with Dale Zinkowski -Registration Open

    Sundays  1:00 – 5:00pm
    Lead by artist Dale Zinkowski

    Winter: 7 weeks
    Jan 7, 14, 21, 28
    Feb. 4, 11, 18

    Download full calendar at the bottom of this page.

    Full session Fee Winter: $290

    Limit: 9 artists

    Each week, artists will complete a four-hour still life painting from start to finish. The class will examine how to combine the right color, values, edges, and paint handling, (without second guessing), to accomplish the goal of completing an aesthetic, and naturalistic painting. There will be a strong focus on sound drawing, composition, and shape design. Through individual critiques, daily demonstrations and thorough explanations, Dale will guide each artist in meeting their individual goals.

    All levels are welcome.

    Please fill out the registration form accessible via the link below whether you are paying by cash, check or credit card. Cash or checks must be received within a few days to hold your spot and must be for the full amount. 

    Make checks payable to Grand Central Atelier. They must be received within 1 week of sign-up to hold your spot. Mail to: Grand Central Atelier; 4606 11th Street; Long Island City, NY 11101

    To pay by credit card:

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